Epic Fail

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failI’m smiling only because of the great learning that happened the studio this past week. The preceding mess and trouble in clean up has me not smiling so much, but you can make a soufflé… etc. So I broke some eggs on Monday morning trying to do my first very large scale sculpture using a 5 gallon bucket of plaster. When it comes to plaster it’s best to keep in mind how messy it is and lesson number one is. ALWAYS HAVE A PLASTIC DROP CLOTH COVERING THE FLOOR.  If I had listened to that inner voice then I wouldn’t have now spent over two hours on cleanup. . . Next, lesson MAKE CERTAIN THE EDGES OF YOUR MOLD BOX ARE SEALED. As I started to pour, a small flood of plaster began. Next lesson IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE CRAFTED A SOLID DAM , DOUBLE CHECK AND SHORE IT UP. I had a pathetic clay wall dam to separate the sections and that dam blew.. finally, DON’T FORGET MOLD RELEASE AND OIL SOAPING OF PARTS. .. also USE A FUNNEL!

So I didn’t lose the original sculpture, but I may need to redo some of my mold box parts. Onward!!

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