Head and Magic Mud

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headI wrote last time the the foot busted off of my near bone dry sculpture. I mixed up a batch of magic mud and then wrapped both parts in a web towel. When I came into the studo this morning the clays were perhaps too wet, but I decided to proceed. This is an experiment so we’ll see. I also added a revised head onto the sculpture this morning. The height of the head is too tall but I’m hoping that it will dry and shrink it just enough to get it into the kiln. I’l be finalizing details over the next couple of days (face, gloves, and helmet) then spraying the work and applying a slip transfer illustration onto the back , at this point he should be ready for drying and subsequent firing. The final efforts for “queen of the way” will come next week. Both should be finished (barring illness) by end of weekend, next week.



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