Cherub Tests

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testsStarted the long process of testing out my underglazes using the Cherub form. I have 30 underglazes and just so happened to have completed 30 cherubs so far.

Here’s the road Map:

  1. Underglaze half on pre-bisque
  2. Underglaze other half on post-bisque
  3. Glaze top portion of both pre and post sides
  4. Soda Ash wash bottom portion of both pre and post sides

Test Two

do a pre bisque glaze of top 5 favorite colors and apply pre-bisque to 5 cherub heads (full coverage)

  1. etch into the glaze to reveal the porcelain below
  2. layer porcelain in various thickness on top
  3. lay a second color on top artfully
  4. leave as is for post bisque treatment
  5. leave as for post bisque treatment.

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