Ceramic Sculpture sketching finishing building

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sketch and photo of sculpture

Sketching and Finishing Make or Break

Ceramic Sculpture Sketching Finishing Building

…is both my favorite stage of the work and the most stressful. It’s here that the real character of the work will be defined. After the forms and details are worked out, I’ll need to consider the finishes and stages of firing, all while trying not to have cracks and fissures due to speedy drying. This clay body is particularly bad for cracking due to low grog content. I ordered a higher grog from my supplier but will need to wait. I’ve decided my next work will definitely be pants and shoes, the crafting of these forms will be a challenge, but I feel it necessary to do the legs. The legs will both be symbolically interesting but also act as a lead-in to my next challenge which will be to do the full figure.

I am holding the works of Magdalena Abakanowicz in my mind as I think of this series. Her haunting walking figurative works have had a big impact on my sensibilities. I also find the works of Juan Munoz a wonderful hybrid of abstraction and figuration, communicating dramatic ideas through multiple forms in dynamic spacial relationships..

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