“The Day is Done – Smoke’m if you Got’m” – Fire sculpture research faces West

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This has been evolving over the past week, I’m now focused on the garden assemblage that will be the Fire element. I decided that Fire must face West. The red setting sun and the 3rd eye of the evening juxtapose the both serene yet disturbing quality of sunset. The last fires of the day burn the most bright and then into the psycho darkness, the time of the spirit. A dramatic work must represent this. So I decided that the base would be a series of rectangular steps around the base. the next element then being a bowl shape that holds an hindu face with his eyes half closed and his third eye open. but a halo of flame and then crowned with a bubbly smoke form in porcelain. Surrounding the head is four monkey paws holding cigarettes, the paws taking various casual smoking gestures from advertising.

The glaze for the bottom should be an earthy mix of shiny browns and blacks and the legs a halo-ed orange. the bowl a brilliant carved blue and black form. the smoke at the top a subtly rendered cloud of smoke going from black to gray.

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