What’s next A Year and a Half in efforts mapped out.

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  1. 6 week effort on expression in form and figure (1st week of July)
  2. 4 weeks on boxer form – deadline  (First week of August)
  3. 7 weeks Chair woman (first week of End of September)
  4. 4 weeks configuration of 8 low relief images (end of October)
  5. 4 weeks on second boxer form  – (end of November)
  6. 4 weeks on third boxer form (end of January)
  7. 4 weeks on 8 more low relief images (end of February)
  8. 4 weeks on third boxer form (end of March)
  9. 4 weeks on fourth boxer form (end of April)
  10. 4 weeks on 8 more low relief images (end of May)
  11. 4 weeks on fifth boxer form (end of June)
  12. 4 weeks on sixth boxer form (end of July)
  13. 6 weeks large format boxer (mid September)
  14. 6 weeks on boxer TBD
  15. Boxer Show – TBD

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