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mandala_ThangkaBeen a long time… Long long, long long time–since I posted here. So it’s Spring finally and I do think we’ll be looking at warm weather finally. So it’s time to dust the studio and come up with a direction or plan for my next show. I’ve been working on individual stacked sculptures all winter and am finishing up a composite work this week. In trying to decide what’s next I started thinking about what the next context is for my works. While in the shower I realized that what I had been working on is sculptures that tie together in theme out in the environment. These sculptures are for Earth, Air, Fire, and Water and when placed in a circle represent the four corners. The process building has been a learning experience for trying things out and I wish to continue.

This leads to the concept of the space 3d mandala. The spiritual path towards the center of enlightment. A three dimensional diagram of the walk and journey moving ever inward. The interesting bit about the sand mandalas of Buddhist monks is that they are temporary. Once these hours are spent in creating these complex works of art, they are poured into a bucket and then ceremoniously dumped into the river in reference to the impermance of life.

So I’m just at the begining stages but thought perhaps cake like structures that then are left out in the rain to melt? or continue with this parade of totems that are stacked up into complex assemblage pieces. I’ll continue to work on the idea, but it’s great to have a root of a concept to being fomenting ideas around.

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