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I’m going to really start taking some emotive and visual queues from film making. I started exploring surfaces yesterday, something I wanted to start last month in honor of the TJ Erdal workshop I had to forego due to expenses. Also I had wanted to join Cristina Cordova at Penland to do the animated clay workshop, both would’ve been profound influences on my work. Instead I just need to DIY it and start my own research on these storylines in my life. Something I came across in my Twitter feed this morning relates to underground filmmaking and how it could influence both the symbolism in my chosen works, but also to help me craft miniature contexts for my work and kick off my more intense efforts.

Without a vision I will loose energy and momentum , as I experienced last night in my studio. Although I did put in two hours yesterday, 1 in the morning an 1 in the evening. I felt dead last night and not motivated, so I started work on my glaze studies.

Starting Sept 2, Venice Biennale will stream videos after their release. It is my intention to purchase a few of these and see if some connections can be made to my 3d sculptures See:


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